Why Adult Braces Are Awesome

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Think mouth gear is just for awkward teenagers? Think again. Braces offer health and cosmetic benefits at any age. Here are just a few reasons it might be time to bite the bullet.

lisa needs braces the simpsons
Ah, The Simpsons. Lisa was told this is what would happen to her over the next 10 years if she didn’t get braces.

Braces are a testament to how well you’re doing

It’s common knowledge that private dentistry is expensive and when you’re an adult, you have to pay through the nose (or mouth in this case). If you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford braces, you’ve got your sh*t together.

Braces are so popular in parts of Asia, people wear them when they don’t need to

Braces can make you look so successful that they’re considered an attractive status symbol in parts of Asia. It’s believed they openly state your wealth and make a cute fashion statement. When blessed with straight pearly whites, it’s en vogue to wear fake braces in lots of fun shapes and colours. So, forget fugly, these tooth accessories are something to smile about.

Braces are over before you know it…but those who made you feel self-conscious will still be a douche

Back to western society and there’s a notion that getting braces is something to be embarrassed about. The older you get, the more shameful the stigma becomes. This may even be the reason you’ve put it off for so long.

However, anyone who thinks braces are funny or that you deserve to be mocked for wearing them is immature and probably not worth knowing. Society’s fickle. If Kim Kardashian started sporting braces they’d be considered hella hot, right? Don’t put off something you want to do out of fear of being judged by losers with their own hang-ups.

People don’t make as big a deal as you might expect and most don’t even notice (as long as you stay away from the spinach)

Keeping all of the above in mind, the only thing you have to be conscious of is food getting caught in your tooth gear. But not to worry, a compact pocket mirror is your best friend and when in doubt for an impromptu photo, a closed smile looks just as beautiful.

Braces show you’re confident enough to not care what others think, even if you secretly do


Short-term pains for long-term gains. Braces are only worn for a few months (depending on which type you get), for results that last the rest of your life. How’s that for value and so worth the benefits of a smile you’ll enjoy forever!

If you smoke, braces are a sure-fire way to quit…and stay quit

If you’re a smoker and need train tracks, they’re a small price to pay to quit. Unless you want your tooth-coloured or clear ceramics to become discoloured, you’ll steer clear of nicotine, red wine, coffee, turmeric and anything else that may stain them. Quitting the smokes also helps give you quicker, more effective results and long-term health benefits.

“These braces are invisible, painless and periodically release a delightful burst of Calvin Klein’s Obesession – For Teeth.”

Whether you’ve decided to accessorise with mouth jewellery or em-brace what nature gave you, it’s important to remember that not having straight teeth isn’t a flaw. They’re a beautiful characteristic unique to you so only get braces if you actually want to or need to, not because you feel pressured by a vain society.

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