Do We Even Exist? Part One

Do you know why you clicked on this website? You may be thinking, ‘of course I do!’ but do you really know? Our perception of reality may answer the meaning of life – one of humanity’s greatest mysteries.

Theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, blew minds by comparing them to weather. He theorised that ‘once we accept that the mind is like a weather system in the brain, governed by physics yet unpredictable, reality itself begins to break down. It becomes subjective.’Imagine you’re a fish in a round fishbowl. Your reality appears distorted, warped and curved. In the Italian city of Monza, best known for its Formula 1 Grand Prix, they banned round fish bowls because they thought it was cruel to keep fish in such a distorted reality. Our perception of reality is unique and one reality is not more valid than another. Therefore, reality really is in the mind of the beholder.

From a human viewpoint, we might not be aware that our concept of reality is also a bit of an illusion. For example, our eyes only see an area of good resolution that’s the width of your thumb when held at arm’s length. Electrical signals are then sent down the optic nerve to our brains but where the optic nerve connects to our eyes causes two blind spots in our vision, yet we don’t perceive it.

Our extraordinary brains transform these crude signals into something spectacular (unless you’re somewhere really unspectacular). As if by magic, our mighty brains fill the gaps to create a blackhole-free, non-blurry three-dimensional model that’s also known as… our reality! Instead of perceiving a blurry world, we see a world consisting of real things that are really there. But, does this mean our reality is a delusion?

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