Pet Pandemic: New Facebook Group To Help Pets, Owners & Animal Rescues emergency help and lockdown support for the uk coronavirus covid 19 pet pandemic

Our animal rescues and pet owners need a helping hand. I’ve read many wonderful comments online by people wanting to help pets, their owners and animal charities during this virus outbreak. So, I’ve launched a Facebook group called UK CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) VOLUNTEERS – PETS & ANIMAL RESCUES​:

If you can assist your community with supplies, pet-sitting, fostering, trips to the vets, feeding, dog walking or anything else then please post where and how you can provide support. Even the smallest gestures can change lives.

In the event that you have to self-isolate or stay in hospital and would need assistance with pet care, please join this group. Please share in case it could help someone and invite anyone who might be interested in volunteering or may need help, so they can find volunteers.

If you need support, or know someone or an animal who does, please don’t hesitate to post in this group so we can try to find a volunteer in your area.

How it works
Post where and how you can help on the group page. I will organise your post using the Volunteer Network topic tag, also in Units on the group’s menu and on the two lists in the Announcements section. This helps people who need people like you, to find people like you!

Why we must come together
The fake news mill has been working overtime and animals are paying the ultimate price. People are using this as an excuse to kill or abandon them. Vets should NEVER be asked to euthanise a healthy animal, yet they are and some do.

Already strained charities now have even less resources to rehome intakes, meaning desperate animals are being turned away. What is realistically going to happen to them? Will they become another victim in a sickening act of cruelty? These are on the rise so let’s do everything we can to stop animals from falling into the wrong hands.

Would you like to volunteer?
Simply post where and how you can provide support on the group’s page and I will add you to the Volunteer Network. If you’re looking for volunteers, you can either:

1. Search for your location within the group
2. Click Units on the group’s menu
3. Click the Volunteer Network topic tag
4. See the growing volunteer list at the top of the page, under Announcements
5. Post directly to the group so we can try to find a volunteer in your area

If you can offer a foster or forever home please also inform your local animal shelters. They may already be in touch with pet owners who have to spend time in hospital and you could be the lifeline they’re praying for. If you’ve seen a post in this group that could help someone, let them know.

Think about any relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues or anyone else you can reach out to. Not everyone uses social media, so word of mouth and approaching organisations in touch with vulnerable people is crucial. Don’t let people suffer in silence. Don’t let our pets become another statistic or horrific news headline.

If you have to self-isolate or stay in hospital and need assistance, please reach out. Please share this group in case it could help someone and invite anyone who might be interested in volunteering or may need help, so they can find volunteers.

Stay safe
Many of our volunteers have proven experience related to animal welfare. They have offered to assist with home checks and transportation to keep you and your pet safe. If you post your needs directly to the group page, they can help you. However, good old-fashioned community spirit means some volunteers aren’t insured or background checked. Make sure you and your pet are protected before accepting help.

Please chat on an open thread instead of private message so members can look out for one another and point out any red flags. We can’t risk any pets’ or members’ safety. There are lots of scammers and sickos looking for animals to abuse so we must remain vigilant.

Beware of any scams (these can also be found via the Alert topic tag). You MUST do a home check before you let someone look after your pet. If a physical check isn’t possible by you, a rescue or someone you trust then please do one via a live video stream and request references. Get video/photo updates regularly and always foster or rehome via a rescue where possible.

Thank you

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