When Is It Wrong To Say What Is Right?

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When is it wrong to say what you think is right? When can you tell the difference between what you think and what you know? One thing’s for certain, you’d better be damn sure before you try to correct someone…but then, why do you care?

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In an era where the mainstream view is to respect and tolerate all beliefs and religions, I’m finding the rules around this notion increasingly bewildering. On the one hand, I see excuses made en masse to rationalise religious or culturally-related actions. Yet, an incomprehensible backlash towards the views and lifestyles for other principles.

For example, the outpouring of rancorous comments regarding vegans or vegetarians simply because of the food they eat or don’t eat. You’ll often see or hear this witty pearl of wisdom:

“How do you know someone’s vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll f****** tell you!”

I’ve even seen this remark made by head chefs and restaurant owners. As a once trainee chef on Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen programme, I’m astonished that: a) they don’t know better than to make these comments on social media, b) don’t welcome information about their customers’ dietary requirements, and c) aren’t too embarrassed to admit—in a roundabout way—that they find vegan cooking so challenging.

In my experience, veggies will only tell you if asked directly and most of the malice towards their choices is unprovoked. Vegans are famously passionate, which is why you may know someone who keeps bringing the subject up…even if you don’t ask about it. Whether you agree with them or not, their heart’s probably in the right place and in today’s world that’s all that really matters. Life’s just too short to waste judging others. Yes, that applies to those vegans too.

vegan meme simpsons lisa the tree hugger vegetarian
Do you think Lisa Simpson will go vegan one day?

While wasting spending time on Facebook, I’ve noticed a sharp increase in virtue signallers igniting threads to make everyone aware of what offends them. Most recently, I saw a verbal gang bang on an unsuspecting self-proclaimed transexual being cap-locked at because their terminology was ‘insensitive to transgender people’. Yes, apparently this transgender person was offending themselves and should have been offended – but wasn’t. The shit.

These keyboard warriors weren’t trans themselves but as cisgender and straight as Donald Trump. The rabbeling mob went on to lynch a photo of vaginal-esque cupcakes because ‘it’s offensive to male-assigned people without vulvas who identify as women’. This vulva shaming came on International Women’s Day; the pretty pink cupcakes were made by a proud lady celebrating one of her womanly features. None of this rhetoric came from males who identified as female.

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From fiery disputes to beliefs that conflict with science, I recently witnessed a flat-earther face a fierce rebuttal. This escalated into a heated argument that ended in actual tears (allegedly). Then, one commenter who insisted the earth is round was made to look like Hitler after he rationally explained, “I just wanted to know why they thought that but they wouldn’t give me an answer. Everyone has a right to their opinion.”

To which commenters replied, “So everyone has a right to an opinion…unless you think it’s wrong?!”

SMH. Instead of knocking it on the head at this point, people continued to tell the ignorant round-earther what an evil mutha-hugga he was – probably long after he’d turned off notifications.

flat earth meme funny cat cats flat earther
The kittehs would be thrown off by the earth’s spin, the fools.

I couldn’t help but wonder, without relying on the photos and text of others—whilst being told this is evidence and having no tangible evidence of your own—can any of us really be 100% certain that we’re right? What’s more perplexing is why do we even care what someone else thinks? It’s obvious that the earth is square but I couldn’t care less what shape you think it is.

I grew up with the mantra, ‘you don’t have to believe but you must understand’ and was under the impression that this is a rule of thumb for a peaceful, functioning civilisation. In spite of living in an increasingly liberal society, I’m observing a need for incessant arguing over some topics and an insistence of helping one another cover our heads with sand for others. How do keyboard warriors pick their battles when the battleground is strewn with double standards, hypocrisy and contradictory casualties?

south park heads in sand cartoon wars funny i learned something today censorship
The end of every episode of South Park gives me that ‘I learned something today’ moment.

A cultural shift towards atheism has lead to a trend of shunning the concept of heaven and hell. However, I’ve observed an increase in the belief that a white feather is communication from a loved one who’s passed on. If I was to argue, I’d advise the believer that they’re probably just noticing white feathers more now that they have an emotionally rooted meaning. Whereas previously feathers were a meaningless part of day-to-day life.

But why would anyone want to argue that? Whether my opinion is right or wrong, what on earth would drive me to share such inflammatory remarks. To save them from ‘living in denial’ and take away what they find comforting? There’s no satisfaction in that and it would make me a dick. Yet, I repeatedly see this invasive behaviour selectively manifest for Christianity while sparing other religions.

In actuality, I’m always genuinely interested in learning why people believe what they believe. So I’d prefer to listen and understand why their views are moulded as they are. There’s an adage that ‘thinking makes it so’ which can be applied to everything each of us believes – whether based on our perception of evidence or not. Even Stephen Hawking challenged the human concept of reality.  

So, when is the time right for speaking up and when should we STFU? I don’t see how society can go wrong with accepting any differing belief, unless it’s one that results in unnecessary harm to another living being. There’s no room for tip-toeing on eggshells and being politically correct when the welfare of others is at stake. This has been proven throughout history, which we’re doomed to repeat if we don’t learn from it.

Think I’m wrong? Do you care? No? Good!


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